Embroidered Patch [42]
  Chenille Patch [22]
  Sequin Patch [15]
  Dye-Sublimation Patch [12]
  Special Patch
  Laser patch [22]
  Tape Patch [10]
  Hot Fix Patch [7]
  Bullion Crest [11]
  Gift [41]
  Direct Embroidery [20]
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More than 20 years' experience in customized embroidery service and export experience
Are you looking for a reliable embroidery manufacturer for your customized embroidered items Come to us here at LeeKwan Embroidery (Haining) Limited, a supplier with over a decade of industry experience. Gap, Disney, Polo Ralph Lauren and Mizuno are few among the major brands, that have their logos and promotional items trusted on our innovative embroidered items. We're confident that you'll find effective marketing solutions in our catalog as well.

Quality that meets high standards and satisfied our most discriminating clients
We know that quality is a primary concern of major buyers like you. To assure you of our reliable products, we meticulously check our quality at all levels of production according to 5S principles of embroidery production quality control system. To achieve a competitive edge, we are also implementing an ERP system to control our production costs, enabling us to offer you reasonable prices without sacrificing the quality.

Creative and professional R&D team
All of our 10 R&D members have been involved and have vast experiences in embroidery project designs and digitizing technology for almost 10 years. Please send your design, rough sketches or merely an idea, and we will in turn provide several different versions of proof for your kindly approval within three days. Its just that simple.

Up to 10% invested in R&D annually
We understand the importance of the product innovation. That's one of the reasons why we reinvest 5 to 10 percent of our annual sales volume in R&D to support our design projects, which in turn will enable us to provide you with new designs each month. Off course, we will provide you with our new updated catalog as well.

Advanced production technology and equipments
In order to keep our production efficiency, we closely keep in touch with one of embroidery equipments manufacturer leaders of the world Tajima, updating our technology and production facilities continuously. Last year we have introduced 5 sets of updated laser etching machines, Doubling our production strength, and market competitiveness.

Have strong fabric sourcing ablility and fast reaction time to changing demands
We located in China Warp-Knitting Industrial Zone which is a textile, clothes and garment accessories production base in China. This kind of advantage provides us great convenience to sourcing fabric and other materials that we need. Additionally, we implemented ERP production management system, which is actually a real-time monitoring system for your orders, and also provides us adaptive-real-time ablility,? allowing us to hit the fast reaction time to your changing demands.

Convenient transportion both by sea and air, near to the export ports
We are in the middle of Shanghai and Ningbo cities, having freeway to both of them. Just needs half hour drive to the seaport and airport. It is very convenient, saving your valuable time and transportting money.